Stand-Up Paddle Boarding tour of Peru

SUP in the flooded Amazon Rainforest and by the beach in the North of Peru

Stand-Up Paddling in the Amazon!

  • Learn SUP by the passionate Lena Haglund. She is a certified instructor and will teach you all the tricks. 

  • Paddle in the flooded Amazon rainforest. On tributaries to the mighty Amazon river.

  • Explore lakes and streams and learn a lot about the complex web of life in this unique environment.

  • Meet the local people of the jungle. 

  • Visit a rescue center for manatees outside of Iquitos and offer a helping hand for the day. 

  • If we are lucky we might get the chance to see pink river dolphins.

  • Relax on the tropical beach in the North of Peru. 

  • Surf the warm waves and SUP in the morning of the glassy water.

  • Enjoy the exquisite Peruvian food that offers a great variation. Especially the famous cevice!


  • HIKE THE INKA TRAIL TO MACHU PICCHU. Combine your tour with a visit to the world-famous Incan city of Cusco and Machu Picchu in the Andean mountains.





This unique tour takes you deep into the cultural and beautiful Amazon rainforest in the North of Peru. Close encounters with the people that live in the remote part of the world. Your next destination is the dry coast and the warm surf of the North coast close to the border to Ecuador. For us sustainability is the most important part of travelling. We do all we can to help local families and to support locally run natural preservation projects. 


  • Domestic transportation

  • Accomodation in two-three star hotels

  • Professional local guides

  • Your own tour guide during the entire tour

  • A complete course in SUP by a certified instructor


  • International flights to Lima, Peru

  • Tips


Day 1: Arrival in Lima

We greet you at the airport upon arrival at Lima international airport (LIM) and transfer to the hotel.


Day 2: To Iquitos by the Amazon River and rainforest lodge

Domestic flight to Iquitos in the North of Peru, the largest isolated city in the world. 

An unforgettable experience lies ahead as we make our way to a small lodge outside of the city. For the next few days we will explore the lakes, strems and rivers of the complex world of the Amazon Rainforest. From your Paddle board you'll be able to spot sloths resting on the branches and a impressive variety of birds. If we are lucky we might even be able to see the pink river dolphins. Follow silently the river downstream and listen to the sounds of the surrounding forest. (Breakfast/lunch/dinner and drinking water is provided by the lodge) 


Day 6: To Iquitos. 

In the afternoon we are back in the city again. Overnight. (Breakfast, lunch)


Day 7: Visit the colorful market of Belen

During the rainy season this market is mostly flooded. The people live on rafts. Experience the large variety of produce and products from the jungle. Here you can see the floating lunch restaurant, the floating night club and much more. (Breakfast)


Day 8: Manatee rescue center

Sustainability and ecotourism is at the core of everything we do. This is one example of that. CREA is a project that successfully release several juvenile manatees per year. 

























Day 9 – 14: To the beach Vichayito in the North

Close to the equator the water is warm and the beach endless. Paddle in the morning, relax in the hammock in the afternoon . Several additional activites are available like snorkelling with turtles, zip-lining, horse-back riding and surfing. We rent small bungalows from local families on the beach. In the town close-by, Mancora, you can find many restaurants, cafées and small shops. The food here is delicious and you'll have ample time to try the local specialties. 


Day 14: Fly to Lima

A domestic flight of about 1,5 hour back to the capital. Overnight.


Day 15: International departure or let the adventure continue by going to either Machu Picchu or the Galapagos Islands. Check out our fantastic add-ons!

  • An inflatable paddle board in good condition and that is suitable for both rivers and ocean.

  • A paddle that can be folded in three parts for easier transportation.

  • A lifejacket that is comfortable to wear when paddeling and that does not restict range of movement. (For example the small straps that sailors use.)

  • A leash for your board.


We recommended the Naish Air One board.

5200 USD

*rates my vary depending on the current exchange rate


Day 1: Arrival in Lima

Day 2: To Iquitos by the Amazon river

Day 3 - 6: Lodge in the rainforest

Day 6: Back to Iquitos

Day 7: Visit a local floating market 

Day 8: Manatee rescue center and work as a volunteer for a day

Day 9 - 14: To the beach in the North of Peru

Day 14: Fly back to Lima

Day 15: International departure or book one of our add-ons and visit Cusco och Machupicchu.

  • If you arrive to Lima early we'd be happy to take you on a city tour around the historical part of Lima and to show you our own favourite ceviche place. 


  • You might need an extra night in Lima? We'll take care of it, just let us know!


  • Check with your airline before the baggage allowance when bringing your paddle board and especially the paddle. They might have restictions on how long the item is allowed to be.


  • This tour is selling out fast, if this appeals to you, don't hesitate to contact us or to use the booking system to make your reservation. We only take 14 people per departure.


  • The sun in Peru is very strong, please bring longsleeve shirts, pants and a hat for when we are paddeling during the mid-day. 


  • It's fast and easy to get cash in the local currency soles at the airport when you arrive, no need to exchange money before hand.